This PC: Part 2

Yesterday we took a look at This PC on your Windows 10 computer. If you aren’t familiar with the basics of that handy desktop app, you’ll want to click here to check it out.


Today, we’ll explore even more by checking out the options at the top of the window. Starting with the Computer tab at the top.  Properties will bring up the Properties Window that we discussed in depth in part 1 of this article.


Open allows you to open your drive and get a look at the contents.


Choose Rename to give a new name to the drive or Access media to connect to a media server.


Map Network drive and Add a network location allow you to connect your PC to a network.


The large gear symbol will open Windows Settings. Uninstall or change a program lists all of your programs and allows you to uninstall, and in some cases, repair programs. System Properties shows you important information about your drive. Manage allows you to manage storage and schedule tasks.


The View tab allows you to adjust the look of the window. You can also choose how files are displayed, how you’d like files grouped and whether you want checkboxes and file extensions displayed.  If your display looks a bit different than the one I’m showing you, it’s probably because you have different options selected.


Options allows you to pick Folder options like whether you prefer a single or double-click to open a file.  I’ll get more into Folder options in another article.


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