What’s this error all about?

A reader is puzzled by a notice that’s popping up when the computer is shut down. He thoughtfully included a screenshot.


The message that popped up read: You’re about to close 2 tabs. Are you sure you want to continue?


The reason for the message is simple, you’ve still got the Firefox browser open on your PC. If you don’t see the browser open when you go to shut down, you can tell by checking the taskbar. The Firefox browser is showing at open at the bottom left.


The notification is because you have two tabs open in Firefox. It’s just a failsafe to make sure you aren’t closing two tabs when you really only wanted to close the one that was open.


Make sure you close Firefox (and all other programs) before you shut down your PC.

One thought on “What’s this error all about?

  1. This would certainly help if you have limited internet usage…right? I’m at odds with my server over usage…could this be the problem?

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