Customizing the Start Menu

Yesterday we talked about the Windows 10 Start Menu and how you might want to start thinking of it like a desktop.¬† Click here to read that article. Today, you’re going to join me as I customize the Start Menu on my new Windows 10 PC.


I’m going to start by renaming the Create section, Writing. To do that, I just click on Create and start typing Writing.


Click off when you’re finished. The section will be renamed.


The first program I want to add is Word. I’m removing the My Office section because what I use most is Word. I’ll right-click on My Office and choose Unpin from Start.


Then I’ll find Word in the All Apps list at the right and right-click to choose Pin to Start. The simpler method is to simply click and drag Word to where I want it.


Once it’s in place, I can right-click to choose a size for the shortcut icon.


I’m also going to add Adobe Photoshop Elements and Premiere Elements. Both are programs I often use while writing.


Now, I’m going add a webpage that I often use for video editing next to my video and photo editing programs. I’ll open Edge and go to the site. Then I’ll click the 3-button menu icon and choose Pin to Start from the drop-down menu.



Confirm that you want to pin the page to Start.


It appears at the bottom of the menu.


Just click and drag to the position where you want it.


My icons are bunched together. But that’s a personal choice.


You can space out and resize as you please.


You can also save a page from Chrome. Go to the page, click the three-dot menu bar and choose More tools. Then select Create shortcut.

chrome shortcut.jpg

Name the shortcut.

chrome shortcut-name.jpg

You’ll see it under Recently Added to the left.¬†Drag and drop where you want the shortcut. Or right-click and choose Pin to Start.

chrome shortcut-name-added.jpg

Now the icons are grouped and arranged according to how I use Windows 10.


Some of you ask, “why not just use the desktop?” The answer is that the Start Menu becomes the desktop. Only it’s much easier to arrange than the typical desktop. Icons aren’t blocking your pretty desktop background. And if I want to open something from my desktop, I don’t have to minimize what I’m working on to find it. One click and I have an alphabetical list of all the programs on my PC to the left and my most-used icons, arranged to suit my taste to the right.


Thanks for helping me get everything in order.

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