Tony has a question that fits right in with what we’ve been discussing this week:

“How do you make a system recovery disc? I have Windows 10 and an external backup installed by a computer tech. I know very little about computers.”

You picked the perfect week to ask this question! We’ve been talking about Windows 10 backup options all week.

A system recovery disc is an important tool to have in case there’s a big problem with your PC. Let’s take a look at how to create a USB recovery disc in Windows 10.

Start out by inserting a flash drive with at least 10 gigs of space into the USB port. Next, type Create a recovery drive in the search box in the Start Menu. Then click on the results.


You’ll have to give Recovery Media Creator permission to make changes to your drive.


The Recovery Drive Creator will open. Click Next to continue.


The Creator will tell you how large a drive you’ll need and allow you to select an available one. It’s a large file, more than 8 gigs for my PC. Everything on the USB drive will be deleted. When you’re ready to go, click Create. 


The drive will be formatted and the recovery drive created.  This will take some time.

You’ll be notified when the drive is ready.  In my case, it took about 15 minutes to complete. Click Finish when it’s done.