50 million Facebook accounts hit by security breach

According to Facebook, the accounts of 50 million users were affected by a security breach.

According to the company, hackers discovered a security flaw in the code that allows you to view your Facebook page as others see it. Crooks were able to steal access tokens (which are a bit like digital keys to your account) and then use them to take over other people’s accounts.

Facebook says they took immediate steps to reset those access tokens. That means you may find yourself logged out of Facebook on some devices.¬† The company says they aren’t sure yet if your account was accessed or any of your data stolen. They also say there’s no need to change your passwords. But to be safe, it’s certainly not a bad idea. As always, keep an eye on all of your accounts for any suspicious activity.

If you’d like to log out of Facebook and log back in just to be safe, you can click here:


You’ll be able to see which devices you’re logged in on, as well.


You can also change your password from here by scrolling down and clicking on the Edit button under Change password.


If, by chance, you’ve forgotten your Facebook password and are having a problem logging back in you can click here to visit the Help Center.

One thought on “50 million Facebook accounts hit by security breach

  1. I will make a decision by end Oct whether to delete my FB account. It’s primary usefulness is group activity or medical associations. Is there a way to delete all posts from my account? I’ve not used it often, however what is the least amount of info I can leave and be able to join organizations?
    Also, I can’t delete info about me, such as my birthday. It’s locked. I simply want to delete it from my account.

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