Win 10’s hidden Start Menu

Here’s a quick tip for accessing some important functions in Windows 10. To access the Start Menu, make the standard left-click on the square start button at the far left of the taskbar.


This is what you see.


But you can get another hidden menu if you right-click the Start Button.


What can you access from this menu? Let’s check it out. Apps and Features is where you can check out all of the programs installed on your PC and uninstall any that you want to remove.


Power Options allows you to adjust your Sleep settings.


Event Viewer allows you to go in-depth as to what’s going on with your PC. It’s a little complicated, but can be a useful tool for diagnosing reoccurring problems.


System shows you the tech specs for your PC as well as your security status.


Device Manager is where you can see all of the devices and peripherals associated with your PC.  From here you can uninstall devices, update drivers, or disable devices.


Network connections shows your current connections, allows you to change options, and diagnose any problems.


Disk management provides valuable insight into your hard drives and external drives and allows you to rename and remove drives.


Tomorrow, in part 2 of this tip, we’ll explore the rest of the hidden Start menu.



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