Clear up storage and memory on your phone

We’ve been exploring Device maintenance on your Android phone this week. In the first part of this series, we looked at how to extend your battery life (click here to read that tip: and in the second, we checked out how to super-charge your phone’s performance (you can click here to read that: ).

Today, we’ll use Device Maintenance settings to optimize storage and memory. We start by going to settings, then scrolling down to Device  Maintenance.   


This screen will open.


Since we’ve already explored Battery and Performance, let’s tap Storage.


At the top, you’ll see how much of your available storage is used plus how much of that data you can clean instantly. Tap Clean Now to do an immediate cleanup. Below that you’ll see how much space different types of files are taking up on your phone. For example, on my device Documents aren’t taking up much room, but Images (photos) are hogging a whopping 4.5 GB. It also shows that the additional SD card I’ve added for storage is nearly full.


Tap on the name of any of these types of files to view them and delete any unwanted files.


Now, let’s check out Memory. Storage is how much space your device has to hold files. Memory is how much brainpower your device has available to complete tasks. For example, playing a game may take very little storage space on your phone, but use a whole lot of memory.


From here I can see how much memory is being used and which apps are using the most. Tapping Clean Now will stop background apps and clear out any currently undeeded data.


Now that you’re familiar with Device maintenance and how it works, let me show you one more trick. Open Device maintenance from Settings and just tap the Optimize Now button.


Your phone will automatically take care of all the things we’ve discussed in the past three articles. I wanted to make sure you knew what everything was before we did it the quick and easy way.






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