I really love the premise of this site. And I also adore that they lead with it by having their landing pad feature prominently The Right to  Repair with the Why Repair button that will whisk you off to great reasons why you should repair things yourself!

Your other options on the main page are the blue and red buttons that read Find a Repair Guide and Shop Parts & Tools respectively. You’ll also find navigation along the top of the page divided into the following categories: Guides, Answers, and Store. 

I suggest you definitely check out the Why Repair section, and then from there click Guides.

The Guides section has its own featured items, and the categories of different things you can find repair guides for like  iPhone repair, iPad repair, gaming console repair, car repair, truck repair, phone repair, camera repair, household repair, appliance repair, and electronics repair to just name a few.

You can also use the handy magnifying glass at the top of the page, to make a search field drop down at the top center of the page and do keyword searches to find exactly what you need to repair quickly. 

These guides are awesome with step by step instructions and photographs making it easy for you to figure out all the steps you need to do to repair your item. 

I’m bookmarking this site for future repairs, and I hope you will too since it is such an excellent resource!