Fix my Firefox!

Is your Firefox browser acting strangely? Going to a home page you didn’t pick or using a search engine, you’ve never heard of? Or is it just being a little squirrely? I’ve got a fairly quick fix that can rid you of a browser hijacker or help clear up some quirks.

If you’re experiencing issues with being taken to a home page or a search engine you didn’t select, you’ll want to click here and read this article first:

After you’ve removed any unwanted programs, we can now work on Firefox. If you’re not experiencing any issues with your homepage or search engine, skip on down to the end of this article for the final step.

If you are experiencing unusual problems with your homepage or search do the following:

Open Firefox. Click the three-line menu icon and choose add-ons from the drop-down menu.


Choose Extensions.


Check the list for extensions you did not intend to download.


If you spot something unfamiliar, you can choose to Remove it by clicking the button at the far right.


But we aren’t finished yet. These extensions may have made changes to your homepage and search engine choices. Return to the drop-down menu and choose Options.


Click on Home.


Scroll down to Homepage and New Windows.  If you find that your homepage is set to a site you didn’t choose, delete it and replace with a site you prefer.


Or click the drop-down arrow and choose Default or a blank page.


Now, let’s click on Search.


If your default search is set to anything but your preferred search engine, click the drop-down arrow and set it to your favored search provider.



Once again, we’ll return to that three-line menu icon at the top right. This time, we’ll select help from the drop-down menu.


From your Help options, choose Troubleshooting information.

firefox-troubleshooting information.jpg

Click on Refresh.


Firefox will remove all add-ons and return all of your settings to the defaults.




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