Unwanted Windows Notifications

A reader is annoyed with Windows 10.

“I have Windows 10. I am getting multiple Pop-Ups that are always on the right side of my screen.
How do I eliminate this annoying occurrence?”

If these “pop-ups” look like the one shown in the image below, they are actually notifications.

To close a notification, hover over the right corner and click the X that appears.

Click the notification icon in the lower right of your taskbar to view all of your notifications.

The Action Center will open. You can then read or dismiss notifications.

If you’d prefer not to see the action center notifications, here’s how to turn them off. Open your Start Menu and click on Settings.

Then select System.

Choose Notifications & Actions.

Scroll down to Notifications in the right panel.

Toggle the switches beside the notifications you don’t wish to receive to the Off position.

That should stop the notifications.

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