Thunderbird won’t open

A reader is having some email issues.

“I got Thunderbird email by the folks at Cloudeight installing it for me on my Windows 10 computer a few years ago. Now the T.bird icon no longer takes me to my email account. Am I going to have to sign up for Firefox in order to get to my T.bird email? Am I going to have to re-install T.bird? Email just confuses the daylights out of me, with its POP and that other 3-letter acronym. This has thrown me into a tizzy. I have no intention whatsoever of using Firefox, I like Chrome. I like T.bird because of the ability to place a jpg directly on the page and that’s all I ever use it for, but I mostly use Gmail and Yahoo.”

While the Firefox browser and the Thunderbird email client both come from the same developers, Mozilla, they have nothing to do with each other and are completely separate programs. Thunderbird is an email client and doesn’t have anything to do with the browser you’re using.

Here’s what the icon for Firefox looks like:


And here’s what Thunderbird looks like:


If you’re clicking on that shortcut and it’s not opening, the shortcut may have a problem. Try looking for Thunderbird by typing it in the Windows search box and clicking on the result.


If it opens without a problem, the issue is probably the shortcut. You can delete the non-working shortcut from the desktop and create a new one.


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