Can I Sync Outlook?

A reader has a question about syncing the Outlook email client on two different devices.

“I use MS Outlook (part of Office 365, not on my desktop and laptop computers, but they are not in synch. For example, my laptop is older, and I have set up various folders for archive purposes, but they are not set up on my desktop. My question is whether I can merge the two Outlook data files, and if so, how would I do it?”

Since I see that you emailed me from an email address, I suggest setting up versions of those archive files online in your inbox. As long as it’s set up as an IMAP account,  your Outlook email client will replicate the online folders on both PCs, so you’ll keep future emails in sync.


As far as transferring the already existing archive files, you can export the .pst files from Outlook on one PC and import those files into Outlook on the other PC. Here’s how to do that. At the top of your Outlook email client, click File.


Then choose Open & Export.


Select Import-Export.


When the Import-Export Wizard opens, choose Export to a file and then Next.


Choose Outlook data file .pst. Then click Next.


Select the folder you wish to export and then click Next.


Decide what to call the file, choose your options for handling duplicates, and click Finish. You can also choose to password protect the file.


Move a copy of the file to your other PC by emailing, sharing via the cloud, or on a USB drive. Open Outlook and follow the first few steps to export again, only this time, choose Import from another program or file.


Select Outlook data file.


Select the location of the file and choose Next.


Then click Finish.


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