Stop Spam Mail in your e-mail with MailNull today! 

How does it work? You create free MailNull account, and then create e-mail addresses to filter your email through, so that you can determine where the spam is coming from. For example, if you purchase something off a website and it requires you to register for an account to make the purchase, you could use a MailNull address you create, and then keep track of the purchase through that. 

MailNull will forward the e-mails to your real e-mail account, and you can add an annotation as to where it is from. To learn more about how MailNull prevents you from getting spammed, check out this link about fighting spam mail. 

By using MailNull to register for websites, stores, and newsletters, etc., you keep your e-mail address out of the twisting nether of the internet and out of the hands of spammers. 

I think it’s worth giving it try! Check it out for yourself today!


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