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Did you know you can easily share photos wirelessly between Windows 10 PCs using either a WiFi or Bluetooth connection?  Here’s how. First, you’ll need to turn on Nearby Sharing on both devices. In the search box type Change shared experience settings and click on the result.


Turn Nearby Sharing on.


You’ll be able to click the drop-down arrow and choose between sharing with any Windows 10 device nearby or only devices registered to you. You can also choose where those shared photos go. The default option is Downloads, but if you prefer somewhere else, just click on Change and select a location.


Now, let’s open the Photos app and choose an image or images by ticking the box next to it.


Click Share at the top of the app.


Choose the device.

select device.jpg

You may have to wait a moment for your PC to search for the nearby device.


It will take just a few seconds to notify the other device.


You or the other user will have to accept the shared image.


The image or images will then be saved to the Downloads folder or any other location you’ve selected.

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