Saving Photos in Windows 10

A reader is having problems saving photos in Windows 10:

“I’m having some trouble with downloading pictures from attachments to an email. I download to Pictures and choose which folder. But, if there is no folder and I want to start a new folder, I clicked on new folder and tried to name it. Somehow it didn’t work. Before Windows 10 when I still was using XP, it was so easy to download pictures to a folder and see the folder (names of folders) and then save it to the folder I found in the Pictures section. No problems with XP version of pictures. In Windows 10 now, I’m still not familiar with a lot of areas. However, I have to be able to add pictures to various folders and name the folders, change names of the pictures I’m adding. Then the other hard part is the saving of the downloaded pictures. I have been using “save as” and find the folder to save in. Is this the correct way of handling this in Windows 10? An instruction doc would be very helpful so I could continue to use it until I understand the MS picture section.”

The process for Window 10 isn’t much different from XP. I’ll walk you through the process using some images saved from the Windows 10 Mail App. Let’s start with the email containing attachments.


I’ll click on Save all attachments.


The default choice for my PC is Downloads, but I’ve clicked on Pictures in the Library because I prefer to save in that folder.


To create a new folder, I’ll right-click in a blank space with the other folders and choose New, then Folder.


Type the name of the new folder.


Make sure to hit Enter or to click off the new folder into a blank space.


Then select the newly named folder and choose Select folder.


Your pictures will now be saved in the folder.


To rename the folder, just right-click on it and choose Rename.


Type in the name. Make sure to hit return or to click in a blank space.


To move or copy pics, you can choose to drag and drop or just use the picture tools. Click to select the image or images you wish to move.


Click on Move to at the top. You can select a location shown on the drop-down menu or click on Choose location.


Select a location or make a new folder for your images. Then hit Move.


To make a copy and keep files in both the original location and a new location, choose Copy to. As above, you can choose a location from the drop-down menu or create a new file.


If your images go into the Downloads folder, follow those same steps to move them.

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