Recover a lost password with Credential Manager

If you find that you’re missing a login or password for a website or account, I have a place you can look.  I somehow managed to forget the password to a premium website. I would have sworn to you that I knew what it was, but it turned out I was wrong.

Here’s how to find it. Type ‘credential manager’ into your Windows 10 search box and click on the result.


When Credential Manager opens, you’ll see both Web Credentials and Windows Credentials displayed.


Under Web Passwords, you’ll find your username for that account to the right.

To see the account information, click the arrow next to the username.


You’ll see the username, address of the website, and the hidden password. You click on Show to see your password or on Remove to get rid of the credential.


You’ll need to supply your Windows password to view the stored password.


Click the Windows credential tab to view passwords related to Microsoft accounts.


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