In the first part of this article, I showed you how you can select up to 30 friend or pages to be the top priority for your Facebook feed. (Click here to read that article)

But there’s a lot more to what you see in your Facebook feed than that. I know many of you wish that Facebook would just show you posts from your friends, liked pages, and groups in chronological order. Facebook doesn’t play that way. They use a complex algorithm to determine what you see. What they value most is interaction. They want you to react to, share, or comment on posts. If you take any of these actions with a post, you’ll be more likely to see posts from that person, group, or page in your feed.


If both you and your friends interact with a post you’ll be more likely to see it. Facebook doesn’t want you to just browse posts, they want you to take action.

And, no, simply cutting and pasting a post because someone told you to isn’t going to Change Facebook’s algorithm. But there are things you can do.

Make sure to like or comment on posts from friends, pages, and groups that you enjoy.  Like a couple of posts from a page and you’ll notice almost immediately that you’ll see more posts from it.

Now, you may ask how you’re supposed to like or comment on posts you aren’t seeing. Here’s what you can do.

On the far left of your Facebook feed, look for the Explore section. If you belong to any Groups, click on Groups.


Look for Groups you haven’t seen posts from recently. Click on that group to visit it. Like some posts, leave a comment or two. Or, if you have no idea why the heck you’re in that group, you can click the little gear symbol and choose to leave the group.


Next, move on to Pages.


If you see page pages you haven’t been receiving regular posts from, click on them. Go to the page, react to posts, share posts, or comment on posts. You’ll immediately start seeing more of that post in your feed.


Finally, click on your profile up at the top of your Facebook page.


Then click Friends.


Look through the list. If you haven’t been seeing posts from these people, click on them. Check to make sure they’ve been posting. If they have like some of their posts or write on their wall to hello. You’ll start seeing a lot more from them.


Keep in mind that you must continue to interact with people and pages if you want to keep seeing posts from them. Facebook doesn’t want you to be passive.