Roku adds mobile viewing and premium channels

For folks who’ve decided to cut the cable and satellite cord, Roku streaming boxes are a popular way to receive programming.

In addition to allowing you to stream content from paid services like Netflix and Hulu, Roku also offers an ad-supported Roku channel with thousands of titles available for streaming.


Now the company is adding some additional options. One that’s sure to be a hit with many younger views is the option for mobile viewing. That means you can watch programming from the Roku channel on your phone or tablet and pick videos up where you left them off on your Roku device at home.

They’ll also be adding a selection of premium services as part of the Roku channel. Some of these services you could previously access through apps on your Roku box, but under this new option, you can purchase, manage, and view the content available on your services all in one place.  You’ll be able to activate services with one-click from your Roku account and all services will be bundled together under one bill.

Available services include Showtime, Starz, Epix, Noggin, Tastemade, Great Courses Signature Collection, and more. Every service will offer at least a seven-day free trial. These new services will begin rolling out at the end of this month and will gradually become available to Roku users.



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