Windows 10’s free photo editor

A reader is in search of a free photo editor:

“Can you recommend free photo editor where one can edit, crop photos with Windows 10.”

Depending on what it is you need to do, the Photos app that comes with Windows 10 is capable of doing most basic editing tasks.  It’s the default program for Windows 10, so double-clicking on any image should open it in the Photos app.


Click Edit and create at the top to work on a photo.


For basic tools, choose Edit from the drop-down menu.


At the top right, you’ll find the options to Crop and Rotate.


The controls are pretty straight-forward and simple to use.


Under the Enhance tab, you’ll find a variety of pre-made filters. Just click to apply.


Click Adjust to make individual changes.


Under Light you can control Contrast, Exposure, Highlights, and Shadows by moving the slider bar.


Color lets you control Tint and Warmth. This can be helpful either for artistic effect or if the color in your image is a bit off.


Moving the slider bar under Clarity will soften or sharpen an image. Adjusting Vingette will place a soft light or dark border around the photo.



Here’s the same image with the Clarity softened and then sharpened.


Red eye will help correct glowing red eyes caused by flash and Spot fix can help correct blemishes.


To resize, share, or print an image, right-click on it for a menu.


If you need a more sophisticated program, I suggest GIMP, which you can download by clicking here:





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