Help Biip

Coding can be easy! Or at least that’s what this game hopes you’ll learn.

The game features a sweet little alien named Biip who is trying to make his way home. Help him out by recharging his spacecraft so that he can take off!

When you arrive at the page click the Start Game button to play. The game will load and give you some instructions. Then you’ll play the level. After you beat each level you can move onto the next more complex level. As you learn the more complex levels you are also learning some of the underlying thought process behind coding.

Once you’re ready, you can code your own level. To do so, click Create Level from the left side menu. This will whisk you away to level editor. There you’ll be the one deciding how Biip will get to the power station.

Whether you just play the game or build your own level this site is super fun! Go check it out today!


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