Uninstall a Chrome extension

We’ve been looking at how to uninstall apps and extensions this week. In part 1 of this series, we uninstalled an app from the Windows store. (click here to read that tip.) In part 2, we uninstalled a Firefox extension. (click here to read that article) Today, we’ll look at how to uninstall a Chrome extension. If you’ve installed an add-on or extension to your browser, you can’t uninstall it by the normal way of removing programs from Windows or Mac. You must open the browser you added it to.

We’ll start by opening chrome and clicking here to go your extensions.   (Make sure you’re using Chrome). Your Extensions page will open.


Scroll down to find the extension you wish to remove or search for it by typing the name in the search box up top.


Once you find it, click Remove.


Confirm that you want to remove the extension.


It should just take just a few seconds to uninstall


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