It seems as if every week I tell you about some new account breach where the passwords and personal information of thousands or even millions of people are leaked. If you use the Chrome browser, there’s a new extension that can alert you if your username and password were among those included in recent breaches breach.

Here’s how to get it. Open the Chrome browser and go to this link:

Search for Password Checkup.



To install, just click Add to Chrome.


The Password Checkup icon will appear in the upper-right of your browser. Whenever you enter a username and password in a field, it will check it against usernames and passwords that are known to have been involved in data breaches.  If your password is clear, the symbol remains green.


If your username or password are compromised, it will turn red. You’ll get information on where the data breach has occurred. You can then reset your username and passwords.


Of course, this extension can only alert you to breaches that have been made public.