If you use the Facebook app on an Android phone, there are now some additional options that allow you to control how much information you share about your location. iPhone users already had these options available.

Here’s how it works. Let’s start by opening your Facebook app and tapping the three-line menu bar.


Then choose Settings from the menu.


Scroll down to Location.


Previously, if you allowed Location to be turned on, you also permitted Facebook to access your location history even when you weren’t using the app. Now you have the option to turn it off the history but still use location services for other things.


Now you can turn on Location Services, but choose to move the slider next to Location History to the Off position. This will affect your ability to automatically connect to WiFi at locations you’ve previously visited and your ability to get weather, locate nearby friends, and receive other location tips via Facebook.


If you’d like to see what types of location information Facebook has saved about you, tap on View your location history.


You also have the option to delete your location history. Click the three-dot menu icon at the top right.


You can choose to delete just one day’s history or all of the location history.