Power Saving Settings

Your Windows 10 power saving settings can help conserve energy whether you’re running a laptop from a battery or want to conserve how much electricity your desktop uses.

Here’s where to find them. Type Power & seep settings into your search box and click on the results.  Or click the settings geat, choose System Settings and then Power & sleep.



On a desktop, you’ll see two options: Screen & Sleep. Screen, as you might expect, will turn off your display after a selected time of inactivity. You can choose between a few minutes, a few hours, or never by clicking the arrow and choosing from the drop-down menu. Sleep chooses when your PC goes into a low-power mode. You’ll be able to wake it in a few seconds by moving the mouse around or touching your touchpad.


On a laptop or tablet, you’ll see additional options for when your device is running on a battery.


As with the desktop, just click or tap the drop-down arrow and select when you want it to go to sleep from the drop-down menu.


Sleep mode can not only extend the amount of time your device can run on a battery but it could save you up to $20 a year in electricity, depending on how much power costs where you live.

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