Tea Steeping 101

The Republic of Tea is a slightly pricey tea company that sells a lot of pretty delicious tea. But whether you enjoy their more expensive special loose leaf blends or regular old teabag at a bargain price, you’ll find the steeping information offered on the site to be very helpful in brewing the perfect cup.

I enjoy trying new kinds of tea but I’m not always familiar with the best way to brew them. I grew up with one kind, the Lipton tea bag. This helpful site offers instructions, both written and in video form for brewing

One handy fact I learned was not to let the water get to a boil when making white tea. The site offers instructions for brewing white, black, oolong, green, red, and herbal tea, both in loose leaf and tea bag form.

You’ll learn how hot to get the water and some surprise dos and don’ts for making the best cut possible.

Click here to check it out: http://the.republicoftea.com/library/tea-101/how-to-steep-tea/

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