Coins – A Journey Through a Rich Cultural Collection

I have a lot of fond memories about coins: there’s my dad tossing quarters out of his pocket so my sister and I had the excitement of finding money on the ground as kids; there’s the bag of foreign currency that has travelled with my roommate and I from each location we lived in; and even my own collection of quarters that I started when they released the new State versions.

So when I ran across this site to virtually explore coins, I knew I had to share it with all of you. It brings you roughly 26,000 coins to browse through with a variety of layouts and filters.

To get started click on a coin. It will bring up an information window where you can View It in the Collection, learn where it originated, what it’s made out of, how much it weighs, how large it is, and when it circulated.

At the bottom of the page you can change how the coins are ordered, by what property, and what the layout is. I like to sort them by earliest date (found in property) and then in the square layout. It’s very cool to see what the oldest coins in their collection look like.

If you like coins, or history, you’ve got to check this site out today!


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