Why can’t I see my whole inbox?

A reader is having an issue viewing emails:

“I have a question that has been dancing around in my head.  We all accumulate the emails as they come in every day.  I read and delete as usual.  Sometimes I have categories I have saved as subject folders to refer to later.  (like important computer how to ‘s from Cyn’s Tech Tips!!!)  

The issue: When I scroll down to the bottom of the page of the list of emails.  I “run out of scroll space”!!!!  I discovered that when I was deleting one day.   The emails “hiding” at the bottom of the page show up. Really strange how that happens.  Also in my saved information folders to the left of inbox, I notice the same.  Always before, especially in the case of saved information folders, when scrolling through those there would be a second page.  So then “nutty” me as a saver, I can forget what is at the bottom of the list if I can’t keep scrolling.  Is there a setting available that can accommodate that issue.  very frustrating.  Oh yes, I have noticed the same in Gmail as well!!!”


Normally, when you get to the bottom of the screen in your Yahoo or Gmail inbox, you can just press the arrow at the bottom of the scrollbar to keep moving through your selections.


If the inbox doesn’t update immediately, consider giving it a minute or so. If you have a great many messages in there, it may take your inbox a few moments to update. This could be due to the speed of your PC or the speed of your Internet connection. We can all be pretty impatient these days.

Another thing to consider if your inbox isn’t displaying properly is to clear the browser cache.

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