We’ve shared this site before, but with summer just around the corner, I thought it was worth sharing again since these tricks never go out of style.

Even once the temperature hits a point where my roommate and I will put our window unit air conditioner in to keep the house cool, we still won’t have air in the bedrooms to cool us off when we sleep. So I wanted to find some tips that specifically addressed trying to sleep in the heat and I found this awesome list that offers 24 different things you can do to stay cool.

Navigation is easy! Just scroll on down to the list and read the tips. There’s a small introduction that covers why you might opt to not run the air conditioner at night and then it’s straight into the tips. 

What I really liked throughout these tips were the links to other places on the net that show you how to do these things or how to create them. For example in tip #5, you’ll learn how to sleep like an Egyptian by clicking the link in the tip. Or in tip #24 there’s a link that shows you how to make a buckwheat pillow or DIY sock hot packs made from rice. 

The tip I’ve noticed that helps the most is #15 – hydration. Drinking water before bed has really helped me not wake up parched and dehydrated from sleeping and sweating in the humidity. If I didn’t already sleep with an ice pack on my feet wrapped in a cotton pillowcase that would have been my pick for a helpful tip. 

Go check out these tips and learn how to sleep more comfortably in the summer heat!