Microsoft: control ad preferences

Mircosoft (as well as Apple and Google) uses your browsing, search, and other online history to choose which ads to show you in ad-supported services.  And while you can’t control the fact that they are going to show you ads, you can control what types of ads they show you and whether or not they use your information to specifically target those ads to you. Here’s how to exercise some control with your Microsoft account.

Start by following this link and logging into your Microsoft account:


Right up at the top of the page, you’ll find a big ole on and off switch for ad targeting. Slide that to the off position if you don’t want ads specifically targeted to your history.


Remember, you’re going to see ads no matter what. If you like, you can scroll down and choose the ad categories that are most interesting to you.


You can even click the arrow next to a category to filter your interests.


Keep scrolling to determine if you want to see personalized ads in your browser.


This won’t put an end to ads. But it can stop you from being beat over the head with topics you aren’t interested in.

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