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Ever find yourself getting distracted when you’re supposed to be getting some work done online? Stayfocusd is an Extension for Google Chrome Browser that can prevent your (or the student in your life) from getting distracted online. Since this is a Chrome extension, it will work with Windows, Mac, or a Linux computer.

If you’re using Chrome (the most popular browser out there), you can download it for free. Just click here to go to the Chrome store:

If you’re searching for it in the Chrome web store, remember to leave out the ‘e’ in focused. It’s Stayfocusd.

Click Add to Chrome to add it to your browser.

add stayfocusdtochrome.jpg

You’ll have to okay the permissions.


Once StayFocusd is installed, you can go to the website you want to control and click the icon in the upper right of your browser to activate.


You’ll have the option to completely block the page or allow yourself a set number of minutes per day.


Click on Advanced options to choose only to block specific pages on a site or to enter a custom web address to block.


Click on Settings to see all of your options.


This tab will open.


Your first option is to select the maximum number of minutes per day that are permitted on blocked sites. For example, if you find yourself getting lost in Facebook or a game, this is a good way to make sure you don’t spend too much time playing around.


Active Days and Active Hours allows you to select the days and times during which your browsing activity will be restricted. For example, you might restrict kids’ activities during school days but not on the weekend. You can also specify the hour at which your day resets. The default is midnight.


You can enter multiple Blocked or Allowed sites at once.

blocked and allowed sites.jpg

There’s also a Nuclear Option to block everything or everything but Allowed sites.


If you’re worried about being tempted to shut off Stayfocusd, you can set up a custom challenge to make it more difficult.


There are also options to customize the experience and to export your settings to another computer.  There’s an option at the top to make a donation to Stayfocusd, but that’s not required.

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