Want to search out the best bargains from circulars without a pile of papers to sort through? No longer subscribe to the paper, but miss the weekly ads? I’ve got a website and app that helps you keep track of all the bargains in your area. It’s called Flipp.

To use in a browser, head to this site: https://flipp.com/flyers 


Input your zip code at the top left.


You’ll be able to browse through ads from all sorts of retailers in your local area and check out all the weekly specials.


Add circulars to your Favorites by hovering over the right corner and clicking on the heart icon.


Use the search box to look for particular circulars or items or the tabs below to sort by featured, latest, and alphabetical.


Here, I’ve looked for all the deals on milk.


In addition to circulars, you can view coupons.


Both Circulars and Coupons can be browsed by categories.


Click Shopping list at the top right to see even more neat features. I’ll show you how to use those tomorrow.




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