Internet Options: Connections & Programs

We’ve been exploring the many things you can control when you open Internet Options on your PC this week.

In part 1, we looked at General & Security options. Click here to read that article:

In part 2, we explored Privacy & Content controls. Click here to read that article:

Today, let’s check out what you’ll see under the Connections and Programs tabs. As I’ve pointed out earlier, some changes on this menu only affect Internet Explorer, while others affect Microsoft Edge and other browsers installed on your PC. The Connections tab will affect everything.


Your first option is to set up a new Internet connection.


Then you can control dial-up and Virtual Private Network settings. A VPN provides a more secure browsing experience. Click Add or Add VPN to get started.


Then fill in the necessary fields to set up.


You can also control LAN connections from this menu. A Local Area Network is a group of computers sharing a connection to a common server. Make sure to hit OK or Apply to save any changes.


Up next, is the Programs tab. Most of these settings affect only Internet Explorer.  If Internet Explorer is your default browser, you can control how it opens links.  (BTW, I do not suggest using IE as your default browser in Windows 10. Bless its heart, the once popular browser is on its last legs)

You can also manage any add-ons associated with Internet Explorer or choose an HTML editor or IE. Unless you’re an advanced user, you won’t need this option.


If you choose to click on Set Programs, you can access settings to change other defaults on your PC for opening links, sending mail and other online activity. Or how your PC reacts when CDs or external drives are used. You can even control access to certain programs. Use these settings with caution.


File associations allows you to choose which types of files you want IE to open by default.


Don’t forget to hit OK or Apply to save any changes.


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