Why does my Desktop look so weird?

Windows 10’s tablet mode is designed as a touch screen friendly layout that’s easy to use without a keyboard or mouse. But it’s also possible to accidentally switch your device to this mode. Let’s learn how it works. Here’s what tablet mode looks like.


If you click on the three line-icon at the top left, you can choose to see a list of all your apps.


When Tablet Mode is activated, programs will always open in full-screen mode, which is much easier if you aren’t using a keyboard or mouse.

Some touch screen tablets and PCs will automatically switch you tablet mode if you detach a keyboard or move the device in a certain way.  To quickly switch back from Tablet Mode, tap the Action center icon at the far right.


Then tap or click on Tablet Mode.


To prevent your device from switching to tablet mode, type Tablet Mode Settings into your search box and click on the result or say, “Hey Cortana, open Tablet Mode Settings.”   You can decide which mode you’d prefer when you sign into your PC and whether or not you want the computer to automatically switch to tablet mode.


Choose between never being asked if you want to switch, being asked for permission before switching, or just allowing the PC to decide when to switch. If you don’t care for the look of Tablet Mode, choose Don’t ask me and don’t switch.


You can also decide if you want the Taskbar to display in Tablet Mode.


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