Pick a program for a task – how to set default apps

Windows 10 automatically selects certain programs as default apps – that means it’s the program that will open when you want to do a specific task like edit a document or photo or send an email. For example, the Mail App is the default app for sending an email and Edge is the default browser.  But you can easily change that.  Start by typing Default Apps into the search box and clicking on the results


Default apps settings will open.


You’ll see a list of tasks and the apps assigned to them. We’ll start by clicking on email.


Then choose the app you want for the job.


Scroll to the end of the list to set defaults by the type of file or by the app.


For example, choose a particular app to open .jpeg or .txt files.  Or you could select an app and assign tasks to it.



One thought on “Pick a program for a task – how to set default apps

  1. Wow!! This is great. I have been wondering about this very thing. I have changed the browser and I’m basically familiar with going through the different options. I like to explore the settings options. That is how to learn navigating.The problem is; What do I pick and if it’s ok. Win 10 would prefer we stick with their defaults. I have seen different references to that affect. Before WIN 10, Media Player was it for playing music. Would there be any reason why I couldn’t choose that instead of Groove? And also, what about playing videos, like youtube, or inserted videos in news emails. How to analyze that function and what works best for that. Thanks

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