I am in desperate need to being able to focus. I have several big deadlines coming up – 1) research article due at beginning of August, and 2) a book for my field due in October (with a July check-in) and I find that I am getting really distracted whenever I try to work on them by email.

So, I went looking for something that could help me out with my focus. I know that just blocking my access to things doesn’t work for me. I always cheat by looking on my phone or opening a new browser. Focus Mate is different!  Instead of denying you access, instead, it sets you up with an accountability partner.

How does it work? Well, you start by setting up an account. You’ll provide an email address (or you can connect through Facebook or Gmail) and then verify the account by clicking a link sent to your email address.  Then you’ll provide your real name (to build trust), set your time zone, and upload a photo (optional). Next you’ll identify a project you want to work on, for me I selected my book, and identify a task you could work on for 50 minutes.

Now that you’re set up, they have a four-minute video for you to watch on how the whole thing works. Basically, you’ll book a session at a time that works for you and get matched up with another person. When it’s time for the session to start, you’ll video chat with your session partner. The format goes a little like – use the first minute to say hello, and establish tasks, then work for the next 48 minutes, use the last minute to check in on your task progress and sign off.

I’m really looking forward to matching up with a partner and getting to work! Go check it out for yourself today.


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  1. Amanda how you find such topics is mystifying, however they come at oportun times. Focus is a big issue currently and I appreciate this particular item.

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