A reader tried our tip for skipping the WIndows 10 sign-in requirement (you can click here to learn how that works), but ran into an issue:

“In Windows 10 the user account control page never opens. What now?”

To open the advanced user accounts control panel start by clicking the Start button.


Type Run in the Search box and hit Enter.


When the Run window opens, type netplWiz.exe and then hit OK.


When the User account control window opens, click Continue.


If the User Account Control Panel isn’t opening, it’s possible that netplWiz.exe was not typed correctly. Make sure the W is capitalized and everything else is lowercase. Also, be careful there’s no extra space at the beginning.  It’s also possible you aren’t logged in as an administrator. Click on the Start menu and right-click on the account icon. Then choose Change account settings from the menu that pops up.


Check to make sure you’re logged in as an administrator.


If neither of these suggestions help, let me know and we’ll explore further.