Windows 1.11

This fun, free app is a blast from the past. Created as a tie-in to the Netflix show Stranger Things (which is in the 1980s), this app lets you relive the early days of Windows.


To download, click on the Windows Store icon.


Then search for Windows 1.11 in the store search window. Click on the


When the app opens, you can scroll down and read about it.

windows 1.11 store.jpg

If you decide you’d like the app, click on Get.

windows 1.11 get.jpg

It should install in just a minute or so. The game will take up your full screen.


Check out this early version of Paint.


You’ll be able to play retro games and work puzzles as well as unlock extra content related to Stranger Things. But even if you don’t want to play the game, it’s fun just to play around with the old-style Windows look.


To close the app, click the x in the corner.

close 1.1.jpg

And confirm that you want to leave.


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