Cat Versus Human

As the proud owner of four frisky felines, there is so much in this comic that I can relate to! Cat Versus Human is a comic strip about cats and their people.

When you arrive at the site the most recent strip will be displayed, and if you scroll down you can view the past strips. This makes navigation easy! When you get to the bottom of the page just click Older Posts or Newer Posts to nagivigate back and forth. 

While you could navigate the way I just described, I actually didn’t. I went straight for the Archives so I could start at the beginning. You’ll find the directory for the Archives located on the right side of the page, to start at the beginning start with June 2010. From what I’ve observed from what I’ve read so far, it doesn’t matter where you start the comics are fairly standalone. 

Go check out this funny comic about cats and their relationships with people today!


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