This week, we’ve been exploring a great, free alternative to Microsoft Word called OpenOffice Writer.  Yesterday we started checking out all of your formatting options in the sidebar. Click here to read that article.

You can check out more of what we’ve learned so far, here.

Click here to learn how to download and install OpenOffice

Click here to explore Open Office Writer

Click here to learn how to save and print from Open Office Writer.

Let’s check out the rest of your choices in the Sidebar. We covered Properties and Styles and Formatting yesterday.


Today we’ll look at your options under Gallery and Navigator. Start by clicking the Gallery icon at the right of the Sidebar.


Or, click the three-line Sidebar menu icon and pick Gallery from the menu that opens.


The Gallery menu will open. With this menu, you can add a wide variety of graphics to your documents.


Your first choice is Arrows. Choose from dozens of styles of arrows. Right-click on an arrow and choose Insert to insert the graphic into your document.


Click on the image and you can easily move it around or grab the handles to adjust the size.


You’ll also have a bar with editing options. You can adjust color, transparency, size, and more.


You can also choose from a variety of backgrounds. These can be helpful for presentations or signs.


From custom bullet points to charts, you have hundreds of options to choose from. Scroll through to check them all out.


Your next choice in Sidebar is the Navigator.



Navigator allows you to easily find different parts of documents such as headings, hyperlinks, and sections.


I hope our series of tips has given you a good start with this program. There’s still a lot more to learn and we’ll keep exploring all this program offers in future tips.