Set up Cortana permissions

Yesterday, we got started using Windows 10’s digital assistant Cortana. You can click here to read that tip.

Today, I’ll show you some important information for protecting your privacy by managing what permissions you give Cortana.

To open Cortana click the little circle icon to the right of the Search Box.


Cortana will open and make a little chirping sound. Listen for the chirping sound, that lets you know that she’s ready to listen.


On the left side, you’ll see some icons. To get a better look at what they do, click the three line-menu icon at the top.


Start by clicking on Settings.


Click Permissions in the pane to the left.  In the center pane, you’ll see which Microsoft account Cortana uses and also be able to see what types of information she’s accessing.


Click on Manage the information Cortana can access from this device to control what Cortana can see and use. You can choose to restrict access to locations, emails, and your browsing history. If you want to get information like directions, movie times, and weather forecasts, you’ll need to have locations turned on.


If you intend on using Cortana to create calendar appoints or send email message, you’ll need to allow that kind of access.

With permissions in place, you should be all set to take Cortana for a spin.


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