Gypsy Gold Horse Farm

I’d never heard of  the Gypsy Vanner breed of horses until I came across this site for the Gypsy Gold Horse Farm. They are a relatively new breed, first brought to the United States in 1996.  Named after the work horses that pulled Gypsy caravans, these beautiful animals have gorgeous long manes and an amazing fringe of hair on their legs.

The magnificent animals in the banner at the top of the page will immediately catch your eye. Click the arrow to see a slideshow. On the main page, you can check out the history of the breed and learn how it came to the states. Being unfamiliar with the breed, I enjoyed the section that explained what physical characteristics define the breed and information about their temperament.  (a golden retriever with legs.)

There’s also an option to book a paid tour, but even if you don’t want to pay up to visit, you can check out a link to their YouTube page and view pictures and view biographies of the horses who have lived at the farm throughout the years.  The farm offers horses for sale and has a breeding program, but even if you aren’t interested in a horse of your own, I’m sure you’ll enjoy looking at these beautiful animals.

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