Windows 10’s secret Start Menu

Here’s a neat shortcut to quickly access some important Windows settings. You probably already know that when you click on the Start Button at the lower-left, you’ll see the Start Menu.


Try right-clicking on it.


This menu will pop-up.


Let’s check out all of the great shortcuts that are just a mouse click away. Click on Apps and Features¬†and you can set default apps, see recently installed programs, uninstall apps, and more. Power Options takes you Power and Sleep Settings.¬†Event Viewer can help you troubleshoot PC issues and System takes you to some of the most important Settings on your PC like Display, Notifications, and Storage.


Move down the list and you’ll see Device Manager. This is where you can control items like your mouse, keyboard, and external drive. Network Connections allows you to manage your connections to the Internet. Disk Management is where you can view information about your hard drive, as well as create partitions and make new paths. Computer Management is where you’ll find System Tools, Task Scheduler, and more.


Window PowerShell is designed for more advanced users to make changes to the operating system.


You’ll also have one-click access to Task Manager, Settings, File Explorer, and Search.


Choosing Run brings up the Run window for executing commands and Shut down or sign out gives your basic shutdown option. Clicking Desktop will show you the Desktop.





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