DNA scams target seniors

The Federal Trade Commission is warning seniors about a new scam that’s making the rounds. This one involves crooks pretending to be from Medicare who offer free DNA testing kits for diseases like cancer. These scammers are calling, emailing, and messaging folks with the offer.

While it’s true that DNA testing can often be a helpful medical tool, Medicare does not offer them to the general public.

In order to get these kits, scammers ask for Medicare numbers, Social Security numbers, and other personal information. All of which they can use to steal your identity.

Some of these scammers actually submit the bills for the tests to Medicare where they make thousands of dollars per test. Except these test results aren’t going to a doctor, your important medical information is in the hands of scammers.

Like all scammers, these guys aren’t afraid to use to fear by mentioning risks of stroke, heart attack, and suicide to push people into getting unnecessary tests. Fear is their favorite tool. Don’t fall for it.

You should never accept a solicitation for a test. Only get DNA testing if a trusted medical professional says it’s necessary.

Remember, government agencies almost never call anyone. So, don’t let them scare you.

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