Online Study Skills Workshop

Being an academic coach as an undergrad really changed my life. Besides learning skills that helped me to perform better, I was able to impart those same skills to the students I worked with. This semester I have a class that has an actual midterm, something I haven’t encountered for a year and half, so I found myself wondering if I still knew how to study for it. 

I went in search for a site that offered a way for me to brush up those skills, and decided once I found it to share it with all of you. These are tips that can help students of all levels, but they can also help anyone with time management skills and learn to read more effectively. 

When you arrive at the site you’ll find four online study skill workshops. Click in the Explore box to see them listed.


Time Management Strategies – this is an important section and one of the first things I would cover with a student. A lot of students, myself included, are excellent at procrastinating. But if you discover what your schedule is like and plot it out so that you can see if in front of you, set goals that make you want to work to accomplish your task, and schedule time for relaxation you’ll become a lot more efficient.  I would start by reading the introduction and see if you identify with the what is being described, if so head down and take the quiz. Then check out all the categories you can click into. Also if you’re not a student, consider replacing school with work and studying with tasks. 

Improving Test Performance – this section is definitely geared towards students (as it should be), I’d suggest starting by taking the quiz, and seeing what the assessment is. Then check out the test-taking strategies and study strategies offered.

SQ3R Improving Reading Comprehension – this section breaks down the SQ3R method step by step. Learn to Survey, Question, Read, Recite, and Review. You’ll also learn why these are effective tools for increasing your reading comprehension. I also really like that they’ve given a guideline of when it’s appropriate to use this method.

Improving Concentration and Memory – this is my favorite section! It shows you how to set up a conducive environment to get the most studying done, utilizes structure and organization, and brings in memory improvement techniques. 

I hope you’ll give these workshops a try and see how you can improve your time management, reading comprehension, and memory!