Samuel L. Jackson’s voice coming to Alexa

Amazon has announced a bunch of new features for its voice-activated digital assistant Alexa.

The one that really stuck out for me is that I’ll soon be able to switch out the voice on my Echo speaker from that nice polite lady to Samuel L. Jackson.  I can choose to have Sam answer my questions in either an explicit or non-explicit version, all for the low cost of an additional ninety-nine cents.

His is the first in a series of celebrity voices coming to Alexa. Watch this space to find out about additional ones.

Other new features include a kill that will allow Alexa to automatically interact with someone who rings your smart doorbell. For example, ask if it’s a delivery or offer to help the person and then contact you if necessary.

A new guest-connect feature will allow you to log onto anyone’s Echo speaker with your Amazone account (With the owner’s permission.)

An improved Drop-In feature, called Drop-In everywhere, will allow you to start a group chat with people in your households or with friends and family members who also have Echos speakers.

Alexa will also give you reminders to call loved ones when it looks as if both of you have free times in your schedule.

If Alexa does something unexpected, you’ll be able to ask, “Why did you do that?” and she’ll explain the logic behind ‘her’ actions.

These, and dozens more new features will be rolling out in the next few months.



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