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This week we’ve been learning all about Twitter. If you haven’t checked out the first four parts of our series, follow the links below to give them a look.

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Part 2: Set up a Twitter account.

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Part 4 : Compose and post a tweet

Next, we’ll look at how you can react and reply to tweets. Underneath each tweet in your feed, you’ll see options to reply, retweet, love, or share the tweet. It looks pretty similar on both browsers and phones.

respond to tweets.jpg

To reply is similar to leaving a comment on an article or Facebook post. Just click the speech bubble underneath the message.


Then start typing your response and hit the Reply button. When someone replies to one of your messages, you’ll receive a notification.


Sometimes you might see a message that you feel is informative or entertaining enough to share with others. To share someone else’s message, hit the retweet symbol.


You’ll have the option to just repost the message to your followers or to add a comment of your own.


If you choose to add a comment, you can put in a few sentences, a picture, or even a GIF.


When something is retweeted, it will show up in your follower’s Twitter feeds as having come from you but people will be able to see the original source.


To show your appreciation for a tweet, click the heart icon.


Your next options are for sharing tweets with others outside of Twitter. Using a browser, you’ll arrow icon beneath a message.


On your phone, look for the share symbol


On a browser, your options are to send the tweet to someone via a private direct message, bookmark the tweet, or copy the link to the tweet. You can paste that link in a text message, email, or Facebook post to share.


When use the Twitter app on a mobile device you’ll see the additional option of Share tweet via.


You’ll then be able to choose from the apps on your phone and share via text message, email, or other social media.


This is a good start, but there’s a lot more to cover. We’ll get to it in future articles.




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