A reader is looking for assistance in resizing Windows in Windows 10.
“How can I MOVE the page I have open without it opening up full-size? I often need to move a smaller page to one side of the screen or the other and it always goes full size – which I DO NOT want! How can I stop that? This has always bothered me about maximizing or minimizing a window and there has got to be a way to keep it the same size.
All windows. I want to move the one I have open from one side of the screen to the other, to access a folder, or something at the side of my desktop. I’ve tried holding down the alt key while moving the window, that helps sometimes but not always. Maybe I’m just moving it faster when I do that? Surely there’s a way to keep the window from filling up my whole desktop?
I’m using Windows 10, Version 1903. I always keep a desktop that looks like Windows 7, blank, no wallpaper, just numerous icons for files on both sides that I access frequently while I’m surfing or emailing.”
Windows 10 has a great feature called “snapping” that will allow you to keep the window for an app or multiple apps a smaller size. Remember, for our purpose, an app and a program are the very same thing.

To start, open the apps you want to use. Then click the title bar of the first app and hold while you drag it to the left or right side of the screen.  You’ll see a transparent outline where the app is going to fit. Release the mouse button to drop it.


Pick the app you want to fill the rest of the screen from the left side.


The apps will then appear side by side. You can now use them both at the same time. For example, I could watch a video or read an article in Edge while editing an image in the Photos app.


Click and drag where the apps meet to adjust the size of the window each app occupies.


If you’d like to snap an app to the top or bottom of the screen, click the title bar of the first app and then press the Windows key plus the up or down arrow. Click on the app you’d like to add to the bottom of the screen.