Using Google Contacts – part 2

This week, we’ve been familiarizing ourselves with how to use the Google Contacts app in conjunction with the Gmail app on your phone. You can click here for part 1 of the article. 

Today, we’ll explore more of our options. Tap on any contact in your list to open it.


Based on what types of information you have on a contact, you’ll see options to email, call, video call, text, or even send money.


You can click on edit to change the information for your contact.


Click on the icon for your account on the upper-right of the screen.


You’ll have the option of viewing contacts from any other accounts on your phone.


If you’re sending a message using the Gmail app you can access Contacts by starting a new message. Then start typing in the To: box or click the three-dot menu icon at the top right.


Choose Add from Contacts.


Here, I’m offered the choice between the Google Contacts App and the Samsung Contacts app on my phone. I choose the Google App.


You’ll be able to choose from contacts you’ve added to the Contacts App and also from the address of anyone that you’ve recently sent a message to or received a message from.






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