Change the color on your PC

Want to change the colors up a bit on your Windows 10 PC? There are a lot of color choices available in Windows 10, from the sedate to the startling. Below are two examples of how the Start Menu looks with neutral and bold color choices.


To customize your colors, you can either right-click on the desktop and select Personalize or type Color settings in the search box and click on the results.


When Settings opens, choose Colors.


Click the box under Colors and choose between a light, dark, or custom theme.


Here’s an example of the Colors menu in Light and Dark mode.


By default, your Windows apps will match whatever mode you choose for Windows, but if you’d prefer Light mode for Windows 10 and Dark mode for your individual apps, you can make that change here.


Tick the box next to Automatically pick an accent color from my background if you want Windows to select accent colors. If you’re using a slideshow, the colors will change to match your pictures.


In the first image is the default color. In the second, Windows chose the color to match my desktop photo.


Choose from forty-eight accent colors or create your own custom color. You also have the choice to show the accent color on the start menu, taskbar, and action center and title bars and window borders. Just click a color to select.


Here’s the same accent color two different ways. The first in Light mode and not applied to the menus and taskbar, the second applied everywhere in Dark mode.


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