Brave Browser blocks sites

A reader has been giving the Brave browser a try and is having an issue.

“I was told Brave was great for privacy. I tried it and found, while it may be good for that, Brave takes over practically everything and even some videos and emails that are not contaminated will not open.”

Brave does have a high level of security and that can make opening some sites problematic. No browser is able to tell which files are actually contaminated, Brave is just blocking things that could be used to infect your PC. But you can fix this by adjusting what the folks behind Brave call ‘shields.”

When you open any site using Brave, you’ll see the icon for the shields at the top right. It looks like a lion.


Click on it and you can see what the browser is blocking on this site. If you know a site is legitimate and it’s not working properly, slide the shields off.


You can always slide them back on again. Or choose to Change global shield defaults.


You can choose to allow certain cookies and scripts all of the time, though that will reduce the level of security. There’s often a trade-off between convenience and security.



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  1. I wish I could try every browser. If I am not having trouble with Firefox, is there a need to try each browser that offers privacy protection?

    Electric power went out just as I attempted sending previous comment; thus this may be duplicate and can be ignored.

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